CH esports: Drummers Monthly and Saturday Cup

The word of the day is regularity, as it is what you will find in today’s write-up about competitive Clone Hero! The focus is all on one-time events with little commitment, something you can drop into and have a play with. That is of course, unless you want to get really competitive…

CH esports: Mackee Biweekly Gauntlet and CSC:CS3 amateur bracket

Mackee’s Biweekly Gauntlet

CH esports: CSC:CS3 and Birdman Drum Tournament

The CSC:CS and BirdmanExe Drum Tournament icons

Clone Hero V1 is out!

After 3 years of development and dozens of Public Test Builds, Clone Hero V1 is finally here! There’s plenty of new features and customization options that made their way into the game since V0.23. Instead of listing every single one, here’s what you will want to hear about the most!

Migrating content from V0.23 to V1

With Clone Hero V1 finally released, some major changes have been made to the way custom content and player data are being handled by the game since the last version. If you are coming from a previous game version, follow these instructions to properly update and carry over all your content to V1.

v1.0.0.4080 V1.0 Final Release Largest update yet!

Clone hero v1.0 update is here!

Clone Hero v1.0 Release Date Announcement!

We have some exciting news to share. On November 29th, 2022, we’ll be releasing Clone Hero V1!

Clone Hero v1.0 PTB

Heads up for anyone who is curious where the updates have been since v.23.2.2 was released. We have been hard at work on the next major release of Clone Hero! We have been running Public Test Build releases since the beginning of 2020 while we work towards the final release.

Press buttons: YBOOBYYO to Disable v.23 April 1st Prank

YBOOBYYO on the main menu will disable the prank. or for for 6 fret B3 W1 W2 W2 W1 B3 B3 W2

v.23.2.2 Small patch to fix issues in v.23.2

This is mainly to fix the slight performance issue introduced with scanning in v.23.2.1, but there are some other changes as well. Check out the full log on the download page.

v.23.2.1 Small patch to fix major issues in v.23.2

This is mainly to fix the song scanning issues, but there are some other changes as well. Check out the full log on the download page.

v.23.2 Tons of bug fixes

This is a pretty large bugfix build which is why it took so long :) There is over 62 bug fixes and changes in this build. Tons of bug fixes, as well as various visual polish and improvements.

v.23.1 The Online Build

Important: This build has a lot of coming features, fixes and changes that may have introduced uncaught bugs. While a lot of testing has been done to ensure nothing critical and system-breaking makes it to this release, we want you to understand that some stuff may have been missed. Feel free to report any bugs you can spot over in the #bug-reports Discord channel!

September 2019: The (Not-So) Calm Before the Storm

Oh, hello! It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

v.22.5 Bugfixes and improvements!

This release fixes numerous bugs, and has a few smaller tweaks and improvements.

June 2019: A Look on the Line

Howdy, everyone! I know we didn’t do a blog update last month, and I’m sorry about that! A lot of our work has been on behind-the-scenes stuff that either isn’t ready to talk about or just isn’t interesting to talk about. But I’m here nice and early this month to treat you guys to a brand new update from us of what’s going on in the realm of CH / SL

April 2019: A Sight to Behold

Howdy! It’s that time again. You guys want news, you want info, you just want to know what’s going on? We’ve got you covered c:

v.22.4 fixed menu navigation bugs.

This release fixes the frozen menu issues of v.22.3 as well as attempting to fix more midi issues with the Turkish language localization.

v.22.3 fix all the bugs!

Bugfix release with a few quality of life fixes, all known bugs with v.22 have been fixed. Lead guitar bug is finally fixed, as well as the setlist loading bug. Also includes a better font for Korean, Japanese, and Chinese characters. Direct download links are now back as well!


First v.22 bugfix release. This update is HIGHLY recommended as if fixes the score saving bug causing expert to save as an easy score.


Whammy is here!

March 2019: Springing Forward

Hey everyone! Happy spring to you all c:

On the Lack of Communication

I recognize it’s been a while since we’ve given the community a proper update. There is no doubt in any of our minds that we should be aiming for more consistency with this kind of communication, and while we have our long list of excuses, shedding some light on what the team currently has going on as well as what we have in store will hopefully clear up some of the frustrations you guys rightfully have.

Dev Blog #3: ExileLord Rants

So one thing I’ve wanted to talk to the community about for a while is the new input system we’re working on in PNH. So before I go into detail on that, let me talk about the input system in Clone Hero, Guitar Hero, Rock Band, and pretty much every other game there is. I’m also just going to say Clone Hero from now on instead of “every other game out there” for the sake of brevity.


Happy new year! This is our New Year’s release. To 2019!

Dev Blog #2: Where's the news!?

As you are aware, it has certainly been quite a while since the last blog post where we announced our intentions of starting a new project and moving towards something better. Since then, both a lot has happened, and not a lot has happened. We know we have been very quiet about things, and, to be truthful, we don’t have a ton to show everyone at this point. We certainly don’t want to reveal all of our cards at this point, as we think there will be some fierce competition out there :)


Use this build if you have issues with v0.21.7 and need to revert.

Dev Blog #1: A New Hope

Our second attempt at our First dev blog! On twitter the community overwhelmingly voted in favor for us to start a blog series devoted to the game’s development. Thanks for the continued support everyone!


Use this release if you have issues with song caching on v0.21.x.


This is the last build that includes DirectX 9. Use this release if you have a really old graphics card.


This is the last known build to work with Windows Vista. Newer releases only support Windows 7 and higher.