Clone Hero V1 is out!

After 3 years of development and dozens of Public Test Builds, Clone Hero V1 is finally here! There’s plenty of new features and customization options that made their way into the game since V0.23. Instead of listing every single one, here’s what you will want to hear about the most!

Online Multiplayer

New to this version is the addition of worldwide public servers, letting you play with friends and strangers alike! The ability to play in either quickplay or versus mode, allowing you to build a setlist out of your song choices will let you fill the jams aplenty.

Setlists in multiplayer

Online multiplayer also supports cross instruments play. That’s right, there is now…

Drums Support

Drums and Pro Drums are now playable instruments in your typical 4 lane format, packed with features old and new: star power, lanes, dynamics, 2x kick modifier, 5 lane compatibility and more! Any plug and play kit that’s used on consoles is compatible, and even your electronic kit with the game’s MIDI support.

Drums gameplay

Custom Content

This version of the game introduces plenty of customization options to really make the game your own.

Player Profiles

Player profiles have been amped up with new features: highway length, alternate tap note texture, and accuracy display. Profile menu

Color Profiles

The in-game color profile editor gives you the freedom to see the colors you want to see. Color profile editor

Backgrounds and Highways

Use your preferred still or animated background and highway image during any song you play. Either choose one, or let it pick randomly in a pool every time you play a song. Custom highway selection Custom background and highway

New Modifiers

Put a new twist on your gameplay with new modifiers like:

There’s too much to cover in just this article. It’s up to you to discover all of the ways you can enjoy Clone hero V1! We are deeply thankful for the years of support and we look forward to what the future has in store for us!

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