v1.0.0.4080 V1.0 Final Release Largest update yet!

Windows (64-bit)
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SHA-1: 45823b8cb97ef0f81e789b183dfe88fdd3c94531
Windows (32-bit)
SHA-1: d19db76cd091b673791aebe176816b9e3f8ab7bc
SHA-1: b2cc305cb6b701e057e3b6d6f28b725baef48e7f
SHA-1: 135788e5e99aef454252c0bae8fa88daca338a63
SHA-1: 92706faaf5d862f92e1bbaec41496e6688581058
Standalone Server
SHA-1: 81a50867b80d44efec0e8784a2ce9452f607596c
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Clone hero v1.0 update is here!

If you need help setting up v1 coming from an older version check out our Migration instructions article, or if you need further help check out this great video from Acai covering the full process of installation and some of the great new features in v1!

Also if you missed our release anoucement video for v1 check it out here!


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