v.23.2.2 Small patch to fix issues in v.23.2

Windows (64-bit)
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SHA-1: 59f4619982303a8aaebb6c877fef1d47a402ca99
Windows (32-bit)
SHA-1: 5ccc34e12ccbb4bd60ff30c87a0ef9747f2b45bc
SHA-1: 168f2a3ebfb5f3264dff2539a48b3b9b94bec8e0
SHA-1: 82d8a22fb440598b0887ab091f97078a3f73d783

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This is mainly to fix the slight performance issue introduced with scanning in v.23.2.1, but there are some other changes as well. Check out the full log on the download page.

Clone Hero will also be featured in Awesome Games Done Quick 2020, currently scheduled for Saturday, January 11th. Starring Frosted as a player, Matt and srylain will also be attending the event and fully representing the game, check out the GoFundMe! We’re currently at around 16% of our goal!


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