CH esports: CSC:CS Open 4 Playoffs Finals Stream and Saturday Cup returns

We bring you a Custom Songs Central special today, as their Championship Series’ Open tournament 4 comes to a close, and the stage clears for the return of a familiar friend…

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CSC:CS Open 4 Playoffs Finals

The finals of CSC’s most successful tournament (by far!) will be streamed on their official Twitch channel on Sunday the 28th of April at 6 pm GMT/1 pm EST. Come watch the epic conclusion of this 150+ entrants tournament, as the top 4 enters and only one will remain!

The Saturday Cup

The Saturday Cup is back! As the CSC:CS Open 4 comes to a close, it is giving way to the return of this weekly, low-commitment, no-star power, sightread-based tournament where random songs are drawn and assembled into a single chart that’s under 20 mins. Competitors register 30 mins before the actual event, where the chart will be released for everyone to give a single try before the event begins. The perfect way to spend your Saturday!

Join the CSC:CS Discord to participate in and chat about upcomping Saturday Cups.

If you are a community member organizing an event and want us to cover it, let us know by tagging @CloneHero on Twitter or directly messaging us!

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