v.23.2 Tons of bug fixes

Windows (64-bit)
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SHA-1: fc9a670ee604b6a359f4d2059a12c15adb475e40
Windows (32-bit)
SHA-1: 4ddd25ce75ff79309a7aa4466990da9507e340f4
SHA-1: 16211f458a5302b6bb27fe34c13d4ec28c3df136
SHA-1: 408640cc2379884b0c8843ebaa2593f47ad8c764

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This is a pretty large bugfix build which is why it took so long :) There is over 62 bug fixes and changes in this build. Tons of bug fixes, as well as various visual polish and improvements.

Yes those hopo bugs have been fixed, as well as those pesky online connection bugs! Check out the full log on the download page.

Clone Hero will also be featured in Awesome Games Done Quick 2020, currently scheduled for Saturday, January 11th. Starring Frosted as a player, Matt and srylain will also be attending the event and fully representing the game, check out the GoFundMe!


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