Summer Blast Drum Tournament 2024

The Drummer’s Monthly Crew is proud to present its latest tournament:

Summer Blast ‘24!

Notable features include:

2 different brackets - Amateur and Pro!

57 1x flagged quality charts, varied in both difficulty, playstyles, Star Power, and Dynamics.

Familiar double elimination format and general ruleset, with tons of fun to be had!

Saturday July 13th 2024 - 12pm EST for the Amateur bracket

Saturday July 20th 2024 - 12pm EST for the Pro bracket.

Hope to see y’all there! If you’re hesitating to participate, give it a shot, it’s very fun and the vibe is very wholesome and supportive.

Some important Info:

CH Drum Tournaments Twitch Channel

Drummer’s Month Discord Server

Sign up using the links below:

Amateur Bracket

Pro Bracket

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