Takas 4 Tourneys (Saturday Cup Update)

An Update for our competitive players:

The Saturday Cup from last month’s news post has found a new home in Taka’s 4 Tourneys Discord Server! On Saturdays at 20:00 UTC, everyone is invited to join a 1v1 bracket. Players will be battling it out on a 15-20 minute chart compiled of multiple songs that have been stripped of star power, so hitting notes is all that matters. It’s published only 30 minutes prior, so no massive amounts of preparation are necessary (or even possible). Every week the amount and type of difficulty can change drastically, so make sure to keep an eye out every week!

Every 5th week the cup runs a special edition with different rules to shake things up. Sometimes the twists are small, other times it can be a completely unheard of type of competition. Anything goes!

For further information, join the server! This week, the tournament goes into its 57th installment.

As a last note, Taka’s 4 Tourneys will host 3 more tournament formats in the future, so be on the lookout for future tournaments!

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