v.22.3 fix all the bugs!

Windows (64-bit)
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SHA-1: 856868c25a14664f5798b1ac3cfb2fbf6232b09c
Windows (32-bit)
SHA-1: 63f67c379fb6dd1c26b5461b42e67eef5b7e4461
SHA-1: dda7813990eeb4a1f1805e4c157de7ad288d99ad
SHA-1: 8009725a78c3762e62cee6f4eb0f4c33a156fe77
SHA-1: 4a8f11b9a5ac95bd8b6121156fcbfed56777dc16
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Other releases

Bugfix release with a few quality of life fixes, all known bugs with v.22 have been fixed. Lead guitar bug is finally fixed, as well as the setlist loading bug. Also includes a better font for Korean, Japanese, and Chinese characters. Direct download links are now back as well!

update: This build has a bug with controllers sometimes freezing menu navigation with certain controllers. If you have issues please revert back to v.22.2


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