v.23.1 The Online Build

Windows (64-bit)
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SHA-1: a8cf62941b8873cc36d6b60d01448349c8819419
Windows (32-bit)

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Standalone Server

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Important: This build has a lot of coming features, fixes and changes that may have introduced uncaught bugs. While a lot of testing has been done to ensure nothing critical and system-breaking makes it to this release, we want you to understand that some stuff may have been missed. Feel free to report any bugs you can spot over in the #bug-reports Discord channel!

Most notably, your profiles will get reset and this is not a bug: this is due to the profile saving using a different format than before and needing to be recreated. However, your scores will not get reset, as scores are not profile specific.

As well, for players not using Windows (64-bit), please be patient as other versions are still under testing phase. They will be released in future v0.23.x releases!

This build introduces the long-awaited online mode and includes the release song Troopers of the Stars, made by none other than DragonForce! A huge thanks for their support: it’s been a pleasure to cooperate! Please support the band, as they are currently on tour!


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